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ZZOLL_Parking Lot 1, 2012
ZZOLL_Building on Warren Street, 2012
ZZOLL_Parking Garage, 2016
ZZOLL_Church Parking Lot, 2013
ZZOLL_Community Garden, 2016
Parking Lot 2, 2012
East Field, 2012SPOTTING
ZZOLL_Larac Building, 2012
ZZOLL_Glen Street, 2016
ZZOLL_Intersection of Fulton and May Streets, 2012
ZZOLL_Civic Center, 2012
ZZOLL_Church Garage, 2016

This project has its roots in an old Look Magazine article, proclaiming my town of Glens Falls to be 'Hometown, USA.' 

The project has gone in many different directions and made many different statements, but this is how it exists right now.

All images are 6x6 film.

Please note that these are not final images; the final images may be edited differently, or even removed from the project altogether.

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